Library Collections

There are several collections within the Library. You can use the library catalogue to search our collections. Please see our Help and Guidance web page for information on how to search the catalogue for resources, or ask a member of staff at the Enquiry Desk. Many of the Library's resources are electronic - to see the full range, and to access them, please visit the Library's Electronic Resources web page.

General library collection

The general library collection consists of academic and theoretical texts to support the subject areas taught in at Newman. The collection includes:

  • General reference materials; including dictionaries, encyclopedias, directories and yearbooks
  • Education reference materials; including government and official reports and curriculum materials
  • Pamphlets
  • Audio-visual materials

Journals collection

The Library subscribes to an extensive collection of journals to support learning and teaching at Newman. Journals are an excellent source of information on your subject, and are important for research and keeping informed of professional changes and developments.

The majority are electronic and easily accessed online from on or off-campus, some are printed, and some are available in both printed and electronic form.

The printed journal collection can be found on Level 1 of the Library. This collection is for reference within the Library only, so titles should be accessible at all times. Use our Journal Finder to check which titles we hold. If you have any problems finding the title you need, please contact a member of staff. If you need an article that we don't hold in the Library or have access to electronically, we are normally able to provide it to you via email through our inter-library loans service.

The vast majority of journal titles are available electronically as e-journals. To see a listing of e-journals or check for a particular title please check our Journal Finder.

School Experience Collection

Resources to support students on School Experience placements can be found in the School Experience Collection. This collection includes:

  • Teachers' notes and lesson plans
  • Music CDs
  • DVDs
  • Pictures and posters
  • Topic kits
  • Children's non-fiction
  • Religious, historical and other artefacts

All School Experience materials are available for a loan period of 6 weeks. See our Borrowing Information for details of how many items you can borrow from the Library.

The Children’s Fiction collection forms part of the School Experience Resources collection. The collection of children's fiction includes titles that have either been short listed for or have won Awards, and we have created a selection of Guides to help you choose age-appropriate titles. In addition, our Picture Fiction section is organised by theme, to make it easier to choose books of interest. Please also check out our Reading Schemes which have been re-packaged so that at least 6 titles within a 'Reading Scheme' can be borrowed within one pack.

John Henry Newman collection

This collection covers a wide range of Newman's own works, including letters, diaries, essays and sermons, as well as many works by other members of the Oxford Movement. Also included are secondary sources on the material, with other works on Catholic Theology, from early Patristic writings to more modern titles. The collection comprises approximately 500 books and pamphlets, and is located on Level 1 of the Library.

Local History collection

This collection covers aspects of West Midlands history in a variety of different media. There are photographs, old maps, 19th and 20th Century newspapers on microfilm, the 1871 Census for Birmingham, copies of archival material and 4,000 books and pamphlets. The collection covers all of the former counties of Staffordshire, Worcester and Warwickshire, but concentrates particularly on those boroughs now forming the West Midlands. This collection is on Level 2 of the Library.