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Athens - see OpenAthens

Authentication problems when accessing full text journal articles

If you have successfully logged into OpenAthens, searched on a database and clicked on the 'Is Newman full text available?' link next to one of the results, you may get a screen which asks you to login. Click on the OpenAthens login option in the top right hand corner and it should allow the link to work. If you get thrown back to the same page, then your browser may be blocking the relevant site.
Go to Tools > Internet options > Privacy tab > Sites button. In 'Address of website' box, type in the relevant site depending on which database you are using. Click on the allow button, then ok.

Cambridge Companions Online - linking from Moodle or elsewhere

In Moodle you can add links to specific Cambridge Companions Online ebooks or chapters within ebooks, using these instructions.

Catalogue - linking to - see Library catalogue - linking to

Concurrent users limit

On some ejournals services, databases, or ebooks, the publishers or suppliers impose limits on the number of users who can access the service at one time. If you cannot access a journal or database and are given a message about reaching the concurrent users limit, please email us at and we can investigate increasing limits if it is a recurring problem.
When using ejournals and databases, please remember to use their log off option rather than just closing the window to exit the service, as the service may retain your login until it times out.

Dawsonera - 5 minute preview

You can look at a title which Newman library has not purchased, for a period of 5 minutes per user. This is intended to be helpful to academic staff in selecting titles and may be of use to students to quickly check an item. Printing and copying content is not possible within the preview option.
When previewing an ebook, the limit of pages you can view is 50. You can recommend books for purchase by using the 'Suggest for Purchase' button which displays underneath the item details.

Dawsonera - Adobe Digital Editions

Dawsonera recommend using Adobe Digital Editions version 4.5.x or higher, otherwise users may encounter problems when trying to open ebooks in older versions of Digital Editions.

Dawsonera - accessibility options

Click on the following link for further information on Dawsonera and screen readers

Dawsonera - book pages in Read Online show an error page and open in a separate window, or show a blank page

If you experience this problem, please try one, or all of the below fixes:

  • In Read Online, with the ebook page open, right mouse click on the text area of the page of the book. Select the 'Page display preferences' option, then 'Internet'. Ensure the 'Display pdf in browser' option is ticked. Click ok. When a chapter or page is selected, it should now display correctly in the Dawsonera browser.
  • Open Adobe and go to Edit > Preferences > General > Select default PDF handler > Select Adobe from the drop down menu
  • Adobe reader plugins are designed for a 32 bit version of Windows, not 64 bit. If your windows is running a 64 bit version you are advised to use another browser such as Chrome or Firefox. To check which version on windows your computer is running go to Control panel > System and Security > System, and view the 'System Type'
  • Ensure Adobe Reader plugin is installed. Select Tools > Manage Add-ons. (Or choose Tools > Internet Options, click the Programs tab, then click Manage Add-ons.) In the Show pop-up menu, select All Add-ons. (In some versions the option is Add-ons That Have Been Used by Internet Explorer.) Scroll to the section of add-ons for Adobe Systems, and select Adobe PDF Reader. If the status of Adobe PDF Reader is set to Disabled, click the Enable button.
  • If using a MAC to access Dawsonera ebooks, you will need to change your default PDF reader - see here.

Dawsonera - Chrome - downloading

When using Google Chrome to download Dawsonera e-books you may get the below message:

This is because Chrome is attempting to open the PDF file of the e-book in its own PDF viewer. However this is not compatible with Adobe Digital Editions, which is required to access Dawson ebooks. You need to disable Chrome's plug-in PDF viewer.

Open up a Chrome webpage. Type chrome://settings/content in to the address bar


Scroll to the bottom of the content settings box, and tick the 'Open PDF files in the default PDF viewer application' box, and click 'Done'.

Dawsonera - download

To download Dawson ebooks you will need either Adobe Digital Editions or BlueFire Reader installed. Documents are protected by a LifeCycle policy, which restricts the user to reading the document for the 24 hour download period. After this it is set to “expire” and is no longer accessible even when you have saved it to your own storage media. Copy and print facilities are not available from the downloaded pdf, but during the download period, you can make annotations, highlight text and use Adobe Reader accessibility options.

If you're having problems downloading Dawson ebooks when using Google Chrome, see 'Dawsonera - Chrome - Downloading'

Dawsonera - download - Pearson Education published books

Digital rights restrictions mean you are unable to download ebooks published by Pearson Education. However, you will still be able to access these ebooks using the Read Online option. This is clearly indicated when accessing Pearson Education ebooks as shown below.

Dawsonera - ebook "join queue"

Some Dawsonera ebooks are limited to a certain number 'concurrent users', for example. 1 or 3. This means that if the ebook is currently being used by the maximum number of concurrent users, the screen will indicate that you can 'join queue to read this title'.

You will be told how many people are in the queue and asked to enter your email address (0 people in the queue means you are next to read the book).

When the ebook becomes available you will get an email. When you login into the ebook, you can use it for up to 2 hours, unless there is no-one queuing behind you, in which case you can continue to use it.
If you do not login to the ebook within two hours of receiving the email, you will go to the back of the queue again. You will receive an email telling you that the ebook is available up to five times. If you have not logged into the ebook within two hours of receiving the fifth email, you would need to repeat the Add to queue process.

Whilst using the book, if you are in Read Online, if you do not turn any pages for 15 minutes, the book will be released to the next user if there is a queue. Alternatively when you are finished with the ebook, click the 'Finished reading' button. If you use the Download option rather than Read Online, you will have access for 24 hours.

Dawsonera - ebook readers, mobile phones and tablets

There is a known issue affecting the download of ebooks from the Dawsonera platform onto iPads. We have been advised that this problem is caused by an incompatibility between the Adobe Reader App (version 16.02.23) and the iOS (version 9.2.1). Earlier versions of Adobe will work with all iOS versions and the Adobe reader App (version 16.02.23) will work on older iOS versions (anything prior to version 9).

There is also a known issues when using Safari on Apple devices to view ebooks, whereby the browser keeps crashing. Dawsonera are in discussion with Apple to try and find a resolution to this problem. In the mean time we suggest using an alternative browser and / or device.

You can now download Dawsonera ebooks using Android or Apple mobile devices (mobile phones and tablets). The instructions for setting up your phone or tablet are below:

Downloading Dawsonera ebooks onto an Android device
Downloading Dawsonera ebooks onto an Apple device

Handy hints! - to make both types of ebooks (E-PUB and PDF) available from Dawsonera work, you do need to follow all three of the actions before downloading an ebook from dawsonera (register for an Adobe ID, download the free Bluefire Reader app and also the Adobe Reader app). When visiting the Adobe site to register for an Adobe ID, look for the My Adobe link.

Dawsonera advise that they are investigating the usage of ebook readers with Dawsonera books. However, they have advised that Dawsonera ebooks will not work with traditional Kindles because of the proprietary nature of this product.

Dawsonera - full text search option within pdf sometimes does not work

PDFs created with images on the Dawsonera service, do not have the search function available. This includes:
- Open University Press titles that were published before January 2003

Dawsonera - Kortext

In addition to using Adobe Digital Editions or BlueFire to read Dawsonera ebooks, you can also use Kortext. You will need to install the App or download Kortext to your PC, and create a Kortext account. Dawsons have created a handy help guide to show you how to do this.

Dawsonera - Internet Explorer and Adobe Reader version X

A known problem with Adobe Reader X can cause problems using Read Online or Download for Dawsonera ebooks, when using Internet Explorer in combination with Adobe Reader version X. Adobe have released version 10.0.1 of Adobe Reader, which should resolve this issue.. So if you are working on a pc on which you have installation rights, download the latest version of Adobe Reader (there is a link to download Adobe Reader in the pop-up box which appears when you use the download option to access an e-book). Otherwise, if you encounter the problem, please try using a different browser such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, to access Dawsonera ebooks.

Dawsonera - linking from Moodle or elsewhere

In Moodle you can add links to specific Dawsonera e-books or chapters within ebooks, using these instructions.

Dawsonera - MAC / Apple access

In order to view dawsonera titles on a Mac, you need to make sure that the PDF viewer is set to Adobe as the default. It is normally set to Apple Preview by default.

Dawsonera - page scroll not working

A compatibility problem concerning Internet Explorer 9 and Adobe reader can cause problems when trying to Read Online in Dawsonera ebooks. In this instance the first page of an ebook will load, but when the page scroll button is used to view the next page, an error occurs. To overcome this problem, log in to Dawsonera, select Tools from the menu bar, then click on Compatibility View settings. Alternatively you can use a different internet browser, such as Google Chrome.

Dawsonera - screen readers

You can use Adobe Reader 10.0.1, TextHelp Read&Write Gold (v. 8.0) and JAWS with Dawsonera. It seems to work best using the download facility, rather than the Read Online option.

Dawsonera - 'you are not authorized to access this area' message when using on campus login

You may need to clear your computer's cache.

DCS: Moodle scans of books or chapters - opening in the Kortext App (including read aloud function)

View our handy help guide to learn how to open these scans in the Kortext app for mobile devices.

EBSCOhost - logging in off campus

If you access EBSCOhost resources off campus via the Journal Finder, you will initially be presented with an EBSCOhost login page. Do not enter your username and password on this screen. Click the 'OpenAthens Login' link, you will then be presented with the usual OpenAthens login page.

EBSCOhost - creating a permanent link to an article

From your list of search results, click on the title of the article you want to create a link to. This will show the detailed record of the article. On the right hand side Tools menu, click the Permalink option (paperclip icon). The Permalink will now display in a box above the article title. You can now copy and paste this link to your required destination.

EBSCOhost - error in HTTP handler

If you are presented with this error page, close all of the internet browser windows you have open. Open a new browser window to access the resource again, this should resolve the problem. If it does not you may need to clear your computer's cache and cookies.

EBSCOhost - when accessing a full text PDF article, an EBSCO internal server error occurs

You may need to clear your computer's cache and cookies.

JISC HistoricalTexts - browser compatibility

When searching JISC HistoricalTexts, users of Internet Explorer (version 9.0.33) may receive the message 'This site is not compatible with your browser version'. We recommend that if possible, you upgrade your version of Internet Explorer. Alternatively you could use another web browser such as Google Chrome or Firefox.

Journal articles - how do I search the library catalogue for journal articles?

Click on the following link for information on searching the library catalogue for journal articles

Kortext App - viewing Moodle scans of books or chapters (including read aloud function)
See DCS: Moodle scans of books or chapters - opening in the Kortext App (including read aloud function)

Library catalogue - certificate errors

If you're getting a certificate error, or connection untrusted error when trying to use the library catalogue it is because the device you are using (e.g. PC, laptop, phone) uses an old SHA1 security certificate issued before 2012. You need to have a new Root CA certificate, which were issued after 2012. To get the correct certificate and resolve the problemm ensure that the browser you are using is up to date, and if necessary the Operating System.

Library catalogue - how do I search the library catalogue for journal articles?

Click on the following link for information on searching the library catalogue for journal articles

Library catalogue - linking to

You can add links to individual items in the library catalogue, to put on Moodle, or share with other users. Click here for full instructions.

Moodle scans of books or chapters - opening in the Kortext App (including read aloud function)
See DCS: Moodle scans of books or chapters - opening in the Kortext App (including read aloud function)

Open Athens - what is it, and how does it work?

OpenAthens is an authentication system allowing you to access our electronic resources. Please see our OpenAthens webpage for more information on Athens, and how you can use it to access our electronic resources.

OpenAthens sign in not working - OpenAthens log in screen

If you try to sign in with your Newman IT username and password using the sign in section on the left hand side of the screen below, this will not work. Instead type Newman University into the Search box in the "Find your organisation" section on the right hand side of the screen above.

OpenAthens sign in not working - Username and password not being recognised

If you are using a non-Newman networked PC (such as your personal computer or laptop) and your Newman username and password is not being recognised, it may be that your computer settings are recognising the name of your PC as the computer domain instead of 'tech' which is what it should be. If this is the case, when using internet explorer, your log in box will look similar to below – in this case 'HomePC' is the name of the computer, and 'Jone001' is the username

To resolve this issue click to 'use another account'
In the sign in box type 'tech\' before your username - ensure to include the back-slash.

If you think you're typing in tech\ correctly, and are getting a blank white webpage instead of a username and password box, it's likely that your IT account has been blocked due to failed log in attempts. IT services will unlock you account for you, or if you have previously set up the functionality to unlock and reset your password you can do this yourself.

Taylor & Francis mobile - accessing via a smartphone

You can now access Taylor & Francis resources via your Smartphone. Use the usual links from the Databases and E-Journals page. You will need to pair your phone with Taylor & Francis to be able to access Newman's subscribed content.

VLeBooks - accessing via a smartphone / tablet

Access Askews and Holts ebooks via your mobile device using the usual links from the Ebooks page. You will need to register for an Adobe ID and install the relevant App on to your phone. There are instructions of how to do this for Android devices, and iPhones (you will need to sign in via Shibboleth to access this).
If you are having problems downloading or viewing e-books using the VLeBooks App, you can also use another DRM compatible App, such as bluefire or aldiko - which can be downloaded from the iStore, or GooglePlay.

VLeBooks - linking from Moodle or elsewhere

In Moodle you can add links to specific VLeBooks ebooks, using these instructions.

VLeBooks - reserve a book being read by another user

Some VLeBooks are limited to a certain number 'concurrent users', for example. 1 or 3. This means that if the ebook is currently being used by the maximum number of concurrent users, using either 'Read Online' or 'Download', you will be asked if you would like to reserve the item.

Enter your email address, and click 'Reserve'.

When the ebook becomes available for you to read (either online or download) you will receive an email to let you know the item has been added to your My Reservations bookshelf. You will have 2 hours from the time you receive the email to start accessing the ebook, otherwise it will be given to the next person in the queue, or set back to general access for everyone.

Log in to VLeBooks, and access your bookshelf - you will now see options to access to ebook.


VLeBooks - screen readers on Apple products

The Apple in-built read aloud software is not compatible with VLeBook PDFs. Askews and Holts recommend using a different screen reader such as Read & Write, Claro Read, or JAWS. Newman University holds a JAWS licence. Please ask our Academic Service Librarians for more details.


If your question has not been answered above, why not try our Ask a Librarian service or email us.