Inter-Library Loans

You can request books and journal articles using our Inter-Library Loans service for a small charge, when the library doesn’t own the item, if you are a registered student or member of staff.

Please check the Library Catalogue and Journal Finder, before making a request. If you need help with searching for items, please contact

There are some terms and conditions:

• You need to complete an Inter-library loan request form, with details of the item you want.

• We may not be able to process your request quickly (or at all) if you haven’t provided enough detail.

• We need a physical original signature on the request form for journal articles before we can send requests to the British Library, so unfortunately we cannot accept emailed forms.

• We need payment by cash or cheque in person or by post before we process your request.

• Your request can only be cancelled and refunded if you let us know before it is placed with the British Library. We normally process requests within two working days, so please email us at as soon as you can if you want to cancel. If we are able to cancel, you will be refunded at the Service Desk on Level 1.

• If we can’t supply the item, we email you to ask you to collect a refund from the Service Desk on Level 1. If the cost of obtaining the item exceeds the standard charges the library pays for inter-library loans, we may not be able to supply it to you.

• We email you using your Newman University email address.

• You are responsible for damage to, or loss of inter-library loan items so please keep and return them in the condition you received them. We may pass on to you any penalty fee charged by the lender to recover the cost for items that are lost or returned late or damaged.

• Please return your inter-library loan items to the Library Service Desk on Level 1. Fines of 20p per day, apply for the late return of each item (maximum £10.00). Late return of items puts your use of this service at risk.

Placing an inter-library loan request:


Number of requests (books and journal articles) per year

Cost per book or article

Book Renewals


1st/2nd years

Up to 5





£ 5.00



3rd/4th years and Postgraduates

Up to 10





£ 5.00




Up to 10





£ 5.00



Staff (Copyright Cleared requests) for personal use - not for use on Moodle

Up to 10





£ 5.00



Staff (Subject Area Credit Scheme)

Academic staff may request transfer of funds from their department to the Library to pay for inter-library loans. For further information, please speak to an Academic Service Librarian on 0121 476 1181 Ext: 1413


*Copyright Cleared requests for Moodle

Do you need to scan an article or chapter of a book which is not owned by Newman University Library for students to access on Moodle? You should complete the email scanning request form rather than an interlibrary loan request. These are charged at cost and can be funded through your library book budget with appropriate agreement. Costs can be significant and vary from item to item due to the copyright fees. Please ask your Academic Service Librarian for any further information.


What happens after your request has been placed?

We ask the British Library for inter-library loans, but if they can’t supply or lend it, we try to borrow it from another university library.
It takes between two to five working days for journal articles and seven working days for books from the British Library, but it takes longer when we need to find and request it elsewhere.
It’s worth checking other local university libraries for the book or journal you need as this may be quicker or cheaper.

We email you to:

• Confirm your request has been processed

• Tell you about any delays or if we cannot supply the item

• Send a link to download the article with instructions on how to access it online from the British Library, for a journal article

• Tell you the book has arrived in the library and when it is due for return

Here’s a help guide on how to download your article, once it has been emailed to you.

Renewing inter-library loan items

Please try to limit your renewals of inter-library loans as we do subsidise this service for you.
You will get a reminder email from us, about seven days before the item is due, however inter-library loans can be recalled by the university who lent them at any time.
If you do need to renew your inter-library loan, we will try to do this and will send you an email to let you know if it has been allowed by the university who lent it and if so, the new due date.

Returning inter-library loan items

Once you have finished with the item, please return it to the Service Desk on Level 1. If the item is not returned by the due date on your Newman University Library account, you will incur fines at the normal rate of 20p per day, per item (maximum £10.00). Continued late return of items could impact your future ability to use this service.

Inter-library loans that are reported damaged/lost/stolen

Once you have received your inter-library loan item, it is your responsibility to keep and return it in the condition it was issued in. The Library is charged a penalty fee for items that are returned late or damaged or for items that are lost by the borrower. In these cases, we may pass on the full charge to you to recover the cost.


Other services available:

British Library On Demand

If you need a document very quickly, for example, within 2 hours, you can register yourself with British Library On Demand to request it directly. It is much more expensive than our subsidised inter-library loan service, but may be useful in a document emergency!

EThOS - Electronic Theses Online Service

If you need to access theses from other universities, use the EThOS - Electronic Theses Online Service; the EThOS help page is a good starting point.

If you have any queries about using our Inter-Library Loans service, please ask at the Library Service Desk on Level 1, call us on 0121 476 1181 extension 1208 or email us at